Tricks and Rally Classes Starting this week

 Here are some upcoming classes that will build your dog’s skills and increase their reliability for commercial work. Tricks classes are a fun way to teach new behaviors and work on putting distance between you and your dog when asking for behaviors. Rally is a fun obedience discipline that helps build a positive relationship with your dog while working obedience commands. All classes by BaeBea’s Dog Training are held at Wet Dog Wellness Center, 432 SE 91st Ave, Portland. Check BeaBea’s Dog Training full schedule for more classes and times.

HallieTricks for Commercials and Titles
Wednesday, 10-11 am

Behaviors covered will be the most requested for in front of the camera. Optional behaviors will be trained that will make your dog more marketable and/or earn your dog a trick title. Class is small for individualized instruction. Bring suggestions for what you want to train your dog. Behaviors covered in past classes include: down with chin on ground, sit up, shake hands, wave, back up, stay with multiple distractions, jump, fetch, play dead, eyes closed, say your prayers, weave through your legs, bark, close eyes, walk slow, go to mark, fast recall, run around cone, crawl. At the end of the 8 week session, any dog that has learned the basic behaviors can have its pictures and bio posted on Feathers & Fur Talent Agency website.


Rally Skills
Wednesday, 11am-12pm

In each class we will focus on a few of the signs, learning what the symbols mean and how to correctly perform each exercise. The 4 week session emphasizes team work and having fun while improving your precision in the ring. The session will conclude with practice on a sample rally course.


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